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Vortex Cat Guillotine & DR2 program

Maximize your profits with the Vortex Guillotine Shear and the DR2 catalyst program.

DR2 can recover more Platinum Group Metals, faster and more efficiently than anyone in the world

Using this equipment and working with the program will show you a minimum increase in revenue of at least $7.24 per cat.

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Vortex Cat Guillotine & DR2 Program

Vortex Cat Guillotine

The Cat Guillotine is designed to cut and open up to 60 converters per hour with operator safety as its main concern, the operator will be protected behind a easy to move safety door that will lock while the blade is moving down, once the can is cut the door can be opened with the blade safely hidden inside the machine, the cans are then opened with the opening press at the top of the blade holder and the contents emptied directly in to the bulk bag below. It is also possible to add a grinder attachment to reduce the size of the catalyst so that more material can fit in the bulk bag to further improve shipping efficiency. The opening cabinet will be constantly under vacuum from the powerful dust collection system, this will ensure that none of the valuable dust is lost during de-canning and you can ensure that the dust is added back in to your load, this in itself adds significant value, you are also able to keep the cans to sell and you only pay for shipping the material, not the cans.

The DR2 Program

DR2 have invested in the most technologically advanced, most efficient gas plasma arc furnace in the world, this model is specifically set up to maximize the recovery of PGM's, over 99% in the first pass, this is 5% more than any other smelter in operation in North America. This also leads to improved processing times, with full processing happening within 7 to 10 days, another industry best. DR2 have worked with us here at Vortex to produce the equipment to help bring an efficient and cost effective solution to the converter market in North America. 

Call us now for the ROI sheet and the saving you can expect when you join the DR2 program.