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Vortex Cat Shear and Dust Extractor

Designed to recover the precious metals found in catalytic converters, Vortex Cat Shears are also versatile enough to be used anywhere else on your yard.

Combine any of our Cat Shears with the powerful dust extraction system to minimize loss of the precious material inside the Catalytic converter.

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Vortex Cat Shears and Dust Extraction

Purpose Built

  • Vortex Cat Shears have been purpose built for recovering the precious metals from catalytic converters.
  • The catalytic converter is simply placed in the jaws and cut.
  • The movement of the jaws is directly controlled by the moveable foot pedal.
  • Once cut, the pinched ends of the converter can be re-opened using the purpose built side bracket attached to the top jaw and the unique removable V block on the bottom plate.
  • Once the can is opened the contents can easily be poured out.

The Dust Extraction System

  • The dust extraction system works with the whole range of Vortex Cat Shears
  • The filter box of the unit offers a safe and reliable solution to dust and fume management.
  • It powerfully collects any spilled or escaped dust from the around the cutting area. 

Universal Design

  • Although they have been designed for Cat cutting, with the block removed they are powerful enough to deal with a wide range of operations.
  • They easily deal with the cleaning of automotive scrap, from radiators to cylinder heads and blocks.
  • Vortex Shears can handle all non ferrous separations.
  • A valuable addition to any automotive of non ferrous processing yard.