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BA30 Bale Breaker Machine


Bale Breaker 

Length: 163.4"
Width: 89.7"
Height: 89.4'
Working area: 51" x 55" 
Rotor length: 51"
Rotor diameter: 15.3/4"
Number of blades: 46

Hydraulic Power: 6hp

Drive power: 40hp

Weight: ~9900lbs

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BA30 Bale Breaker

With the bale breaker it is possible to release or open out a range of compressed bales. During production process, the products are sorted and contaminating substances removed.

Application areas:

  • PET bottle bales
  • Mixed plastic bales
  • Paper and cardboard bales

Method of operation

The bales - once free of their lashing wire - are placed on the feeding belt, which transports the bales to the working chamber. The slider now presses the bales against the slowly turning breaking roller. The exchangeable tools mounted on the roller break up or open out the bales through the rotational movement.


  • universally applicable
  • simple to operate
  • robust, compact design
  • high degree of availability with low maintenance
  • hydraulic slider moves on rollers
  • freely programmable PLC with operating display
  • easy maintenance tools

Model BA30

The technical alternative to processing compressed bales for sorting and the removal of disruptive materials.