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Plastic Bottle Perforator

The PET32 has twin 7.5hp drives

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PET32 Perforator

The purpose of the Perforator to puncture or slit PET bottles. This slitting or piercing process results in the attainment of greater density and compactness of the PET bottle compressed bales.

Possible applications:

  • in the sorting shaft for all PET bottles and cartons
  • in the compression bale shaft prior to baling
  • on pressing containers

The perforator's are individually adjustable to suit the application.

Functionality & advantages

The PET bottles fall onto the two counter-running shafts, which are equipped with slitting stars. The slit bottles are pushed down by the shafts and fall out of the machine into the container intended, or into a downstream machine.


  • low-maintenance design
  • slitting stars easy to replace
  • geared motor with high operating factor
  • designed for high availability and long service life
  • bearing protected against contamination