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Green Car 2 level Drill system

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Vortex now offers both a drill and a punch system

So now the choice is yours

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The Green Car 2 level Drill system



Vortex have teamed up with Green Car De-pollution, the leading manufacturer of vehicle drill based fluid drain systems in the UK to offer you the best of both worlds, drill or punch technology. The innovative new drill design, made specifically for the US market, is a huge improvement on the last century technology of other drill system providers.

The body is machined by an aerospace manufacturer to provide a level of precision unrivaled by its competitors. The other components in the head are also manufactured to high precision tolerances, ensuring regular drill breakdowns are a thing of the past. This two level drain station has been designed to reduce the De-pollution time of End of Life Vehicles. Using the fully equipped 2 Level system, two operators can de-pollute a vehicle at the same time.

Work can take place underneath the vehicle and on the working platform, 
allowing access under the hood at the same time as under the vehicle
The 2 Level system is fitted with hanging pump cabinets, allowing access to the pumps 
from the front, increasing efficiency, safety and reducing any potential downtime.

An optional 3 piece catchment floor panel set, designed to catch spills and reduce any
potential fluid leakage is also available.

The 2 Level Station comprises:
1 x Hanging Pump Cabinet (Clean Gasoline, Dirty Fuel or Diesel, Waste Oil each 1” Pumps)
1 x Hanging Pump Cabinet (Coolant, Screen Wash each 1” Pumps + Brake Fluid extraction
if required)

1 x Integral Frame, Walkway and adjustable staircase.
Double Gravity Funnel on Swing Arm.
Fuel Tank Drill on Swing Arm with Integral Quality Control
Quality Pick up tools