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Mega Vehicle De-Pollution System

The Vortex Midi System is the premier "one-touch" complete vehicle de-pollution station. The Midi allows for under hood and under car processing simultaneously, allowing for quick, high volume processing. With several different configurations available, Vortex can completely customize the system to fit the needs of each customer. 

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Mega Vehicle De-pollution System

  • Process under hood and under vehicle together for super fast processing times
  • Powered sliding floors fit to the vehicle for safe operator access
  • Powered safety gates that close when the car is loaded to keep operators safe
  • Ten 1" Double diaphragm pumps to quickly power fluids to storage tanks
  • Two Fuel heads with 3/4" Beryllium punches to go through the toughest fuel tanks
  • Fuel extraction head inspection glasses determine the quality of the gasoline, then pump to clean or dirty fuel storage tanks, to increase revenue from recovered gasoline.
  • Four oil drain funnels with our anti clogging technology to drain engine and transmission oil simultaneously, these are raisable to prevent spillage with unbreakable rubber funnels.
  • Two oil drain funnels for the rear differential's
  • Two coolant spikes to vacuum out the coolant from the bottom radiator hose
  • Duel oil suction hoses above for draining brake fluid and power steering fluid
  • Duel water suction hose for draining coolant form the expansion tank and screen wash fluid. (we can add on extra pair of hoses if further separation is needed)
  • Battery storage bay built to fit a standard gaylord box with fork lift access.
  • Completely air powered so no risk of sparks
The Vortex Mega Vehicle De-Pollution System offers processing of two vehicles at the same time the gasoline is removed from underneath  as is the engine and transmission oil and coolant, at the same time the battery and under hood fluids are sucked out.