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Green Car Gas Drill system

Green Car Gas Drill System

Vortex have teamed up with Green Car De-pollution, the leading manufacturer of vehicle drill based fluid drain systems in the UK to offer you the best of both worlds, drill or punch technology. The innovative new drill design, made specifically for the US market, is a huge improvement on the last century technology of other drill system providers.

The body is machined by an aerospace manufacturer, from high grade aluminum, to provide a level of precision unrivaled by its competitors. The other components in the head are also manufactured to high precision tolerances, ensuring regular drill breakdowns are a thing of the past. 

The Cabinet contains two 1" double diaphragm pumps to send the gasoline to clean or dirty storage tanks, once the quality has been established in the quality control site glass.

The UL/ATEX rated pumps work at around 5-6 gallons per minute, and the resulting hole can easily be plugged.