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200B 8'' Shear

200B 8'' Shear

Technical Data
Machine dimensions: 55''x 27''x 56''
Blade length: 8''
Tip to tip opening: 6''
Shearing height: 36.7''
Weight with oil: 925 lbs
Oil capacity: 13.5 Gallons
Noise level: 75 dBA +/-3
Cut control: Single cut repeating
Standard electrics: 3ph 480v
Power rating: 5.4hp
Motor speed: 1750rpm
Max system pressure: 3200psi
Max shear force: 52 Tons
Cut speed - fully open: 8 Dry cuts per minute
Cut speed - 40% open: 21 Dry cuts per minute
Cutting capacity - mild steel 1.5'' round bar 1.25'' Square bar
200B Shear Three Phase

 200B Shear Three Phase

Equipped with an 8" blade , the high shear force and wide tip to tip opening means that the 200 shear can deal efficiently with a whole range of non-ferrous cleaning and sizing operations - in particular, larger diameter electric cables and valves. In most cases, if your metal fits in to the jaw of the 200 then it will cut it.

Long lasting Blades

The blades can cut on all four edges, allowing the blades to be removed, turned and refitted to expose each edge in turn before the blades need replacing.

Easy to use

A simple foot pedal operation closes the jaws, when released the jaws return to the open position, increasing operator safety. A manual hold down clamp is fitted to prevent kick back of the material and maintain a safe distance between the operator and the cutting blades 

Total flexibility

There are a wide range of 200B models to choose from, Either bench mounted or on a wheeled stand, single phase or three phase power, the choice is yours.