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MiSlide Horizontal Container Loader

MiSlide Horizontal Container Loader

The MiSlide™ horizontal loader from A-Ward is revolutionizing the world of container loading. With state of the art engineering and technologies, it frees up manpower, saves valuable hours and optimizes every inch of your yard and container space.

A-Ward's MiSlide Horizontal Container Loader

Maximum Weight, Minimal Waste
With a fully adjustable transfer face, you can set and regulate the distance between the container doors and the transferred material. With greater loading accuracy you'll instantly reduce spillage rates.
MiSlide's built in technology weighs every load before being transferred to the container. There's no double handling and because the payload is accurate, you can load right up to the maximum allowable weight.

Customizable Solutions
A Ward are continuously looking for new ways to enhance customers operations. In addition to the standard MiSlide products they have developed a range of options to held streamline bulk material handling for specific industries. If you have a product or problem you need solving talk to us about how we can customize a package  that suits your operation, We have solutions for timber bundles to steel plates and pallets goods to scrap metal.

Buy once, Buy the Best
Tough environments demand the toughest materials and engineering. Right from the drawing board, MiSlide is designed and built to take the knocks. Curved chamber walls create greater strength and durability and eliminate container damage,
Every wear surface is fitted with high grade abrasion steel and supported with folded high tensile steel plate. While other use telescopic rams which wear out quickly and are costly to replace, our patented single stage rams have fewer moving parts and a longer life, minimizing servicing and downtime.

Engineered for Safety
Operator and workplace safety is designed and engineered in to every MiSlide product. A Ward's intelligent control system means all loading, weighing and transfer operations are in the hands of a single operator and can be done from the safety of the controllers cab.
MiSlide's auto lock and release safety system also ensures box legs are grounded before the truck disembarks.



Features & Benefits

A-Ward’s revolutionary MiSlide™ horizontal container loader smoothly transfers a full load directly into a shipping container in less than five minutes; saving valuable time and space, and boosting your productivity.

  • Holds 5% more materials than competitors.
  • Loads in less than five minutes.
  • Engineered to withstand the toughest of loads.
  • Eliminates double-handling.
  • Reduces manpower required.
  • Improves operator safety.
  • Improved loading accuracy.
  • Requires minimal yard space.
  • Minimal material movement in transfer.
Case Study

When global scrap prices are high, Sims can load and export 500 tons of scrap per day into 20ft shipping containers using a single A-Ward container loader...

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