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Aluminum Shredder

Bano Aluminum Shredder

The Bano PREMAC Hydro is a revolutionary shredder. It is an 
extraordinary machine that reaches high performance in the
shredding process of a huge quantity of materials like light ferrous
and aluminum scrap, car bodies, industrial and urban bulky waste,
wooden waste, railway sleepers, plastics, tires, etc.
Over thirty years experience and research in shredding engineering
offer you the advantage to have a secondary raw material in just one
step rather than simply volume reduction.
Incomparable performances thanks to our exclusive characteristics;
variable slow-speed single-shaft system, precise cutting system
combined with a screen to set a desired output size and an hydraulic
pusher for a constant and self-regulated feeding of the machine.
The Bano PREMAC shredder represents the latest and most advanced 
solution for  recycling requirements. It is the result of a innovative 
technology that combines robustness and versatility to expand your 
product portfolio and applications together with high production and
cost saving maintenance.
The Bano PREMAC shredder is the most advanced solution 
for metal scrap processing.
It represents a revolution in the way of working. It is going to
change the market and the whole metal scrap sector.
Bano PREMAC shredder is used with incredible results in the
processing of aluminum scrap and light ferrous scrap.
It is the only single-shaft shredder that can convert the scrap in to
a secondary raw material in just one step.
The unique configuration is the result of high quality engineering and 
continuous research and development. In a constant pursuit of improving solutions, 
Bano are always innovating the range of products.
There is a shortage of raw materials against an exponential
rise of waste. It is imperative to recover secondary raw
materials from waste by means of shredding and separation.
The Bano PREMAC shredder gives you the chance to obtain a
high quality end-product with immediate benefits.