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Full Shredder System Applications & Installations

Full Shredder System Applications & Installations



Industrial Recycling TiresRecycling tires is a growing issue with stockpiles of tires throughout the country, landfill is expensive, but what can you do with them? This is the first thing to decide when looking to set up a tire recycling plant, whether it is burning in a cement factory or taking down to dust for use in carpet backings, determines how much processing will be needed to get to your required end product. It will undoubtedly require multiple shredders to get there as well as separating equipment and conveyors, we can supply the whole plant as a turnkey package.


Industrial Recycling RefrigeratorsForrec have designed and built plants for the correct treatment of refrigerators and electronic cooling appliances. This type of waste is considered hazardous due to them containing refrigeration chemicals, CFC’s, R21, R22 and R600. Forrec develops and produces custom plants for the complete recovery of refrigerators. Their systems have zero environmental impact and guarantee; airflow control, control of dust from the shredding process, soundproofing of the components and full recovery of the harmful gases. Average recovery rates are as follows; steel 62%, non-ferrous metals 6%, plastics 16% and polyurethane 10%.

Waste Electrical & Electronics

Industrial Recycling Waste Electrical ElectronicsProper treatment of WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) allows for the recovery of a large amount of precious metals and components. The system that Forrec has designed for the treatment of WEEE scrap has zero environmental impact and is designed to control the dust generated from the process and the air flow in the machines, it allows for the recovery of hazardous components such as condensers and batteries as well as soundproofing the noisiest components.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Industrial Recycling Municipal Solid WasteForrec’s custom plant for treating Solid Municipal Waste is intended to recover essential raw materials. The technology is designed for sorting and recovering high quality recyclable dry waste. Material is separated using an automatic sorting system that involves a range of tools and techniques, including, disc sieves for organic fraction, ballistic separators, ferrous separators & eddy current separators as well as manual sorting by operators in fixed positions.

Non recoverable dry waste is conveyed for grinding and size reduction to be used as solid recovered fuel. Forrec also provide a special system just for Toner cartridges and printer consumables that cannot be grouped with MSW.


Industrial Recycling AluminumForrec is very attentive to regulations and new technologies for protecting against environmental pollution, as a result Forrec produces high performance machines customized to meet the customers needs. For the processing of Aluminum either loose or baled, the machine has been designed to optimize the finished product so that it is ready for the furnace as a high-density end product.


Industrial Recycling PaperForrec designs and produces custom plants for recycling paper, designed for two different results, either to maximize pressing of waste paper to give an increase in weight after pressing of 25-30%, or for the destruction of confidential documents to achieve compliant sizes to comply with current data protection requirements.


Industrial Recycling PlasticThe plastics industry is governed by tough standards that impose regulations to guarantee uniformly sized and clean material to begin the recycling process. To give added value to the material the following regulations are imposed, consistent sizes, separation of metals fragments, washing and uniform categories. Forrec has developed solutions to treat the following; PET, Film, scrap materials from the manufacturing process, such as blacks and sprues, mixed plastics, automotive bumpers and other plastics, carpets, polypropylene and plastics bonded to other materials.

Scrap Metal

Industrial Recycling Scrap MetalThe processing of scrap metal needs to obtain uniform material with a high density suitable for the furnaces used in the steel industry. Forrec’ s solution is to used high powered and efficient shearing machines to reduce volume and then process the material in a hammer mill to increase the density. The system is designed to reduce the wear and tear of the plant and minimize electricity consumption. From loose scrap through to cars and bulky items, Forrec can custom make a system to suit your needs.


Industrial Recycling WoodWood can be recycled to obtain material that can be re used for industrial purposes or for the production of renewable energy. Forrec have developed a special line of shredders, grinders and granulators to process the recycled wood and obtain an end product that is pure and free from metals and other contamination.

Hospital Waste

Industrial Recycling Hospital WasteForrec produces plants for treating hospital and medical waste with a high level of automation to maximize production. The treatment of hosplital waste is governed by strict regulations to sterilize and dispose of potentially infectious hazardous medical waste, Our plants material is pre treated by grinding and conveying through sealed stainless steel screw conveyors followed by grinding and final refining of the sterilized product. Forrec designs plants for the cold treatment of waste with a warm humid sterilization process, followed by dehydration of materials. This step eliminates the need for an incinerator avoiding emissions in to the atmosphere. Final material can be used as refuse derived fuel.