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Technical Data


Approximate Production
330-440lbs /hr

110" x 51" x 106" High


MG150T Cable Granulator

The MG150T Cable Granulator is a complete system for copper and aluminum recovery from electric cables and other waste materials. The system is capable of recovering up to 99.9% pure clean copper, after the grinding and pulverization process  the material falls on to a vibrating air separation table where the copper is separated from the outer plastic covering.

To improve the operation we can also supply the MG150T with a feed conveyor with magnetic separation to remove any ferrous material before grinding, this protects the system for a longer blade life.

As well as the conveyor we can also supply the system with a pre-shredder to reduce the size of the feed and ensure that the feed rate is even and always at an optimum speed. The pre-shredder can also be fitted with the powder dosing module to enable vehicle wiring harnesses to be processed without sticking up the insides of the granulator box.

Full set up installation & training is available.