Process time is top priority!

Essex Car Collection wanted fast throughput of ELVs at their new site in Rayleigh. Vortex rose to the challenge with a twin level rig which can handle up to 120 cars per day. The rig has an extending platform for making under bonnet access easy and the car is tilted to ensure that the maximum amount of fluid is removed from each vehicle.

Vehicles are placed on the rig, depolluted and removed in a flash. Not only the drainage systems, but the whole rig structure is designed for speed and efficiency. Whilst the underside of the vehicle is draining, the under bonnet operations are carried out from a raised moving platform. High pressure pumps for the individual circuits make sure all fluids are removed quickly and efficiently and fuel is filtered ready for re-use. 

Apart from the superb access the operator gets with this setup, there are also a number of very neat features such as the sliding tilt blocks that means each elv is on slight list when lowered onto the rig, draining all fluids to one side and thereby maximising their removal. Vortex’s rigs also come with tools fitted so the operator doesn’t’ have to hunt around for that socket he put down - everything is at hand. 

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