How to assemble the Vortex Combi System

Below is the cutter section of our new double Cat Converter Guillotine in trials it de canned 420 converters in the first hour

See our video here for an explanation of the Vortex vehicle de-pollution combination system for End of life vehicle draining

The Vortex Fuel extraction tool in action removing petrol or diesel using vacuum technology

This is the Vortex Oil drainer arm & coolant vacuum system video

How not to remove a catalytic converter, consult with us on all safety, health and environmental issues relating to ELV processing

Vortex distributes the Roter Baler and Shear Baler range in North America

Fire caused by a bolt dropping on to the steel grid floor of a containment pan and igniting gasoline fumes. DO NOT USE RACKS WITH CONTAINMENT PANS if you value your operators lives!