De-pollution & Recycling equipment
De-pollution & Recycling equipment
Vortex equipment is MADE IN THE USA

Welcome to Vortex Vehicle De-Pollution and Recycling Equipment

Vortex is a market leader in the design and manufacture of vehicle drain equipment for end of life vehicles as well as top equipment distributors for the metal recycling industry.

Vortex De-Pollution designs and manufactures vehicle drain equipment that will make your yard compliant with environmental or state requirements as well as getting the job done in a cleaner, safer and more efficient way. With more than 20 years’ experience within the industry, every one of our vehicle de-pollution and recycling tools has been engineered with the operator in mind. From efficient tool placement, with ergonomic design and space to work, through to the use of ATEX/UL explosive zone rated equipment in all our designs, we have systems to suit your needs. Ranging from equipment that work seamlessly with your lift or rack to stand alone tools, fully customized systems and turnkey installations with compressors, storage tanks and full plumbing.

Here at Vortex we understand the vehicle recycling industry and are therefore committed to maximizing your profits by processing as much of the vehicle as possible. We make and supply equipment to crush the engines in order to maximize aluminum recovery, process wire harnesses to increase copper recovery, and process catalytic converters to fully recover the platinum group metals contained within. When all this is done, we also supply Roter car balers to maximize your load capacity going to the shredder.

For the scrap metal recycling industry, we supply a range of nonferrous processing equipment, such as McIntyre Alligator shears, nonferrous balers, cable strippers, shredders, car and metal balers, shear balers, container tilters, and loaders. We also supply casting and pelletizing machinery for the aluminum smelting industry.

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Our equipment is robust, easy to use and reliable, our designs make the tools operator friendly and reduce maintenance, thereby increasing productivity, as we make the products ourselves we can very easily change things to suit the customers circumstances.

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Our original installation for this company was one of our Combi Systems and an overhead prep pump system, this was installed at their old facility near Chelmsford Essex. Having used the system for 8 months they told  us they had paid for the system in extra recovered fuel in just 6 months, they were processing in excess of 50 cars a day at that point.

The business expanded rapidly and they began to search for new premisses which they found in Rayleigh Essex earlier this year, they called us in to discuss what was needed and how they wanted to increase throughput even more to over 80 cars a day. We discussed our catwalk system which was still on the drawing board for one of our US customers who wanted a double processing system. We made some alterations and turned it into a single system and he gave us the go ahead to build it for them.

Vortex Catwalk System

The idea of the system is that one man can process a vehicle in one place without having to handle the vehicle more that necessary so as to speed up production times even more. Essex Car Collections are using two men for the process and have de-pollution times down to a minimum, their average day sees over 80 vehicles processed through the system.

The equipment itself is still based around our Combi system with our overhead prep pump system to drain the engine bay of fluids. We have built a catwalk around the vehicle for access, but because vehicles are different sizes we have fitted floors which slide out to suit the length of each vehicle allowing access to the engine bay, the insides and the rear of the vehicle.

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Essex Car Collection Case Study

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