Vortex Mobile Combi System

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  • Built to the same high specifications as our standard Combi System
  • Includes Steel Base and loader slots for mobile use
  • Extracts Fuel, Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant
  • Holds Over 20 Thousand Pounds
  • Optional fluid extraction hoses


The Mobile Combi System is built to the same high specifications as our standard Combi System, but comes with its own steel base, this enables it to be loaded on to a trailer and taken from site to site, ideal if you have multiple feeder yards but cant justify a drain rack at each site. It is also useful when you want to move it around the yard or don’t have a concrete pad to put it on.

It has loader slots to allow it to be easily picked up and moved.

We have also designed double walled storage tanks that will fit on the platform for easy transport.

What the Combi System will recover

  • Gasoline is recovered by pumping the tool to seal against the gas tank on the lowest corner or edge, the tool is activated by pressing the puncture button, this punches a hole in the gas tank, the gas pours in to the sight glass where the operator can see if it is clean or dirty, he then uses the switch on the head to activate either the clean or dirty pump to send the gas to the correct storage tank, the fuel is vacuumed from the tank.
  • Oil Is recovered from the engine sump and transmission pan into the raiseable rubber funnels, the pump is switched on and the oil is sucked out and into the storage tanks.
  • Differential oil can be drained using the diff drainer arm with another raiseable funnel, this is an optional extra, see above.
  • Brake fluid can also be drained via four clip on drainage rubbers that fit over the opened brake nipples, this will vacuum out the brake fluid after the reservoir.
  • Coolant is recovered by use of the Coolant Spike, this is used to lance the lower radiator hose and vacuum out the antifreeze from the whole system, we recommend setting the heater to full to recover the maximum fluids.
  • Under the hood, we can fit, as an optional extra, 3 hoses from the side of the system to recover fluids from under the hood reservoirs, Brake, Power Steering, Coolant from the expansion tank and Windshield washer fluid. The coolant and windshield fluid can either be pumped in to one tank for disposal, or, with the addition of an extra pump can be separated so they can be resold.

Because of the design of our custom tools, spillage is kept to a minimum, enabling operators to use a standard spill kit to quickly clean up any accidents from the concrete pad.