Full Service Autoparts Systems


Designed for the full service auto parts industry, the are designed to be moved between vehicle lifts to drain all the fluids from under the vehicle and the engine bay before the vehicle is dismantled.

With the correct plumbing system, which we can install, the tools simply plug in to the outlet ports on each leg of the pipework and the onboard pumps move the recovered fluids out of your building to outside storage tanks. One set of tools is normally enough to cover 4 vehicle lifts.

  • Mobile Fuel Tool

    The Vortex Fuel Tool powered by compressed air punches through the fuel tank. On our punch There is a complete seal around the fuel tool head and this solution allows fuel to be inspected for dirt or contamination. We can fit the fuel tool with a manual fuel diverter option to separate clean and dirty gas for pumping to a tank or other gas collection vessel. Our proven fuel punch head is connected to the on-board pump. The pump is a hi-speed air powered double diaphragm pump to EX UL specification used in the system for a safe, reliable & speedy extraction of fuel. Ideal for full-service auto recycling yards to move between bays for fuel extraction.
  • Mobile Gas Tank Drill

    The Vortex Gas Tank Drill allows us to supply our customers whatever their preference. The drill is fully air powered and is manufactured here in the US at our Denver facility. The head lifts up to the gas tank with the help of a powerful gas strut mounted inside the stand. This pushes the seal against the tank. The main stand is then locked in place with a simple screw knob. The drill is operated and a foot pedal used to push the drill through the tank. Our drill is fitted with a sight glass so that the operator can tell if it is clean or dirty gas and send it to the current tank, the sight glass also easily shows the operator when the tank is empty. All the controls are within the operators reach and the system easily connects to our design for a plumbing system.
  • Mobile Oil & Coolant Tool

    The Vortex Mobile Pumped Oil Drainer for fast draining of engine/gear box/differential oil. Based on our successful fixed oil and coolant drainer using the same rubber collection funnels mounted on a fast acting mobile jack with braked castors. Oil is pumped away using ½” Air Operated Diaphragm pump. Included in the oil system is a separate hose to remove under hood brake and PAS fluid. In addition the tool is also fitted with Water Pump and coolant spike to remove coolant water from the bottom radiator hose or under-hood reservoirs.
  • Fuel Filtration System

    Developed to allow yards to reuse gasoline with confidence, the unit has two filter systems, the first screening out larger particles of dirt and contamination to 250 microns, the second post pump filtering the finished gasoline down to 5 microns and removing any water from the gasoline. This mobile system can be used for emptying tanks as they are lowered from the vehicle or from a storage tank directly into your vehicle.