407 - 16" McIntyre Alligator Shear

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The McIntyre 407 alligator shear is a robust and powerful shear designed to be durable enough for the most difficult working environments, it is used extensively throughout the world for cropping both ferrous and none ferrous metals. The 407 can be moved on its own wheels or it has fork lifting slots in the body making it a truly versatile shear.


Technical Data
Machine dimensions: 62.5''x 28''x 53''
Blade length: 16''
Tip to tip opening: 8.8''
Shearing height: 36.8'
Weight with oil: 1980 lbs
Oil capacity: 44 Gallons
Noise level: 75 dBA +/-3
Cut control: Single cut repeating
Standard electrics: 3ph 480v
Power rating: 10hp
Motor speed: 1750rpm
Max system pressure: 3100psi
Max shear force: 90 Tons
Cut speed - fully open: 11 Dry cuts per minute
Cut speed - 40% open: 28 Dry cuts per minute
Cutting capacity: mild steel 2.25'' round bar 1.75'' Square bar

While we make every effort to ensure that our information is correct, technical data is for guidance only and subject to change. If any dimension or performance indication is particularly important to you, please check it with us before ordering.

62.5''x 28''x 53''
blade length
tip to tip opening
shearing height
weight with oil
1980 lbs
oil capacity
44 Gallons
noise level
75 dBA +/-3
cut control
Single cut repeating
standard electrics
3ph 480v
power rating
motor speed
max system pressure
max shear force
90 Tons
cut speed fully open
11 Dry cuts per minute
cut speed 40 open
28 Dry cuts per minute
cutting capacity mild steel
2.25'' round bar, 1.75'' Square bar