600 - 24" McIntyre Radiator & CAT Alligator Shear

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The McIntyre 600 Alligator Shear has an extended blade length and has been designed for the fast and effective cleaning of car radiators. The 600 RAD has enough shear force to deal with a wide range of operations and materials including cleaning whole gearboxes, cylinder heads and blocks, over-sized gate valves and all non-ferrous materials.

It is also used extensively for cropping ferrous materials where the longer blade length is an advantage. The 600 alligator shear can also be fitted with an optional catalytic converter bracket which can be used to recover valuable precious metals from waste catalytic converters.


The 600 radiator and CAT alligator shear features a blade guard system which is simple to use and allows good visibility to the operator. Although wheels have been fitted as standard, forklift points have also been included on the body of the machine to allow movement of the shear both within the yard and during transportation.

Long Lasting

The cutting blades of the 600 can cut on all four edges this means the blades can be removed and rotated, then refitted to expose each edge in turn before the blade needs to be replaced. The blades are deep hardened for an extended life.

Technical Data

Machine Dimensions

70.1/2" x 28" x 56.3/4" (1790mm x 712mm x 1443mm)
Blade Length 23.9" (608mm)
Tip to Top Opening 10.4" (264mm)
Shearing Height 36.3/4" (934mm)
Weight with Oil 2,266lbs (1030kg)
Oil Capacity 44 Gallons (200Litres)
Noise level 78dBA +/- 3 dBA
Cut Control Single Cut - Repeating
Electrical 32amp 3phz 480v 60hz
Power Rating 10hp (7.5 KW)
Motor speed

1710 RPM

Max Hydraulic Pressure 3500 PSI (2412 Bar )
Max Shear Force 120 tons
Dry Cycle speed Fully open 8 Cycles per minute
Dry Cycle speed 40% open 21 Cycles per minute
Max Cutting Capacity Round 2.1/4" (56mm)
Max Cutting Capacity Square 1.3/4" (45mm)

70.1/2" x 28" x 56.3/4" (1790mm x 712mm x 1443mm)
blade length
23.9" (608mm)
tip to tip opening
10.4" (264mm)
shearing height
36.3/4" (934mm)
weight with oil
2,266lbs (1030kg)
oil capacity
44 Gallons (200Litres)
noise level
78dBA +/- 3 dBA
cut control
Single Cut - Repeating
standard electrics
32amp 3phz 480v 60hz
power rating
10hp (7.5 KW)
motor speed
1710 RPM
max system pressure
3500 PSI (2412 Bar )
max shear force
120 tons
cut speed fully open
8 Cycles per minute (dry cycle)
cut speed 40 open
21 Cycles per minute (dry cycle)
cutting capacity mild steel
2.1/4" (56mm) round bar, 1.3/4" (45mm) square bar