320 - 12" McIntyre Alligator Shear

The McIntyre 320 Alligator Shear has a 12½" Blade and is recognized as the industry standard for all shears of its class, the 320 is powerful enough to deal with a wide range of operation including the cleaning of automotive aluminium scrap, whole gear-boxes, cylinder heads and blocks, over-sized gate valves and handling all nonferrous separations.

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The established 320 Shear is a must for any yard and is now recognized as the industry standard for all shears of this type.

Top Quality

One of our most popular shears, the 320 has maintained dominance in a demanding market due to its strength, quality and reliability.


The 320 is powerful enough to deal with a wide range of cutting and cleaning operations and is able to handle; automotive scrap, whole gear boxes, cylinder heads and blocks, oversized gate valves and of course all the usual non ferrous metal separations. The 320 can also be used to cut ferrous metals.

Long Lasting

As well as being a quality product in itself, the 320 is cheap to run and maintain. Its blades, for example, cut on all four edges so can be removed, rotated 180 degrees and re-fitted to expose each edge in turn before needing to be replaced.

Simple to Operate

Opening and closing of the jaw is controlled by a moveable foot pedal. A continuous cutting action is achieved by keeping constant pressure on the pedal. The cutting blades return immediately to the open position when pressure is released, increasing operator safety. A manual hold down clamp prevents kick back of material and maintains a safe distance between the operator and the shear blades. Both single and three phase versions are available.

Technical Data
Machine dimensions: 57.5" x 28" x 52.3"
Blade length: 320mm / 12.5
Tip to tip opening: 165mm / 6.5"
Shearing height: 910mm / 35.8"
Weight with oil: 1826 lbs.
Oil capacity: 44 Gallon
Noise level: 75 +/- 3dBA
Cut control: Single Cut - repeating
Standard electrics: 3ph /220v or 480v / 60Hz
Power rating: 10hp
Motor speed: 1740 rpm
Max system pressure: 172 Bar / 2500 psi
Max shear force: 67 Tons
Cut speed - fully open: 16 cuts/min (dry cycle)
Cut speed - 40% open: 41 cuts/min (dry cycle)
Cutting capacity-mild steel: 50mm (2") round bar, 40mm (1.5") square bar

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that our information is correct, technical data is for guidance only and subject to change. If any dimension or performance indication is particularly important to you, please check it with us before ordering.

1460 x 712 x 1322m
blade length
320mm / 12.5
tip to tip opening
165mm / 6.5"
shearing height
910mm / 35.8"
weight with oil
oil capacity
200 Liters / 44 Gallon
noise level
75 +/- 3dBA
cut control
Single Cut - repeating
standard electrics
32A / 3ph /380-415v / 60Hz
power rating
7.5 kW / 10hp
motor speed
1450 rpm
max system pressure
172 Bar / 2500 psi
max shear force
67 Tons
cut speed fully open
16 cuts/min (dry cycle)
cut speed 40 open
41 cuts/min (dry cycle)
cutting capacity mild steel
50mm (2") round bar, 40mm (1.5") square bar