Metall-I-Can Multi Purpose Metal Baler

The Metallican is the latest and fastest in their Automatic baler range. It produces 20 bales of metal per hour. It has options for use as an oil filter baler when fitted with a oil collection pan. When used as a Used Beverage Can baler it can produce 2600lbs of dense aluminum can bales per hour. The Metallican baler is a general purpose baler with a an automatic feed hopper it is ideal for all non-ferrous and some ferrous materials, it is particularly suited to aluminum cans, metal turnings, steel cans and oil filters.

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Like all machines in this range once started it just needs feeding a supply of material.

It produces bales weighing between 26 and 31lbs. The are 13.5” square and variable lengths. This is the most powerful baler in the range with a 40hp drive it produces up to 90 tons of compression force.