Roter RR550/715

ROTER RECYCLING “RR series” shear/balers for scrap metal are the best solution to compact and shearing all types of steel and ferrous and non ferrous metals. They have a 550 tons cutting force for RR550.5 and RR550.6 models and 715 tons cutting force for RR715.6 model and are available fixed and semi-mobile version. They are easily suitable to any yard, in fact the machines can be configured with several options, according to the customer needs.

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ROTER RECYCLING RR550/715 shear/balers are equipped with a diesel motor and a remote control for an optimal performance of the machine from remote position. The 7” color Touch Screen panel allows the operator to control the parameters of the machine, for processing of scrap metal.

A self-diagnostic system guides the operator in finding any faults. ROTER RECYCLING shear/balers are equipped with auto shut-off security sequence which is activated in case of alarms or anomalies that may compromise the safety of the operator or of the machine. It also has available, an alarms history database, and a working time database for a better planning of the maintenance. All parts are easily reachable for quick and easy maintenance operations.


Our machines are built for tough working conditions.
Very long life span.
Industrial, robust and flexible design.
Able to process a wide range of metals and steels.
Top quality components to ensure long-term profitability.
Fast and efficient after-sales service.
All spare parts available in stock.
This semi-mobile machine doesn’t need foundation.
The installation is very fast and the plant is ready to work in only few hours.
100% developed trouble shooting assistance system.
Every component is easy accessible for maintenance.
Extremely customizable according to the production needs of the scrap yard.
The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is protected from power surges through a stabilized power supply in order to avoid sudden changes in voltage coming from the battery.
The machine is equipped with Safety Engine Auto Stop in case of malfunctions or alarm situations that could compromise the safety to the operator or the equipment.
The machine is equipped with an alarm auto diagnostic system and guided procedures which constantly monitor the state of the machine and allow the operator to maintain control of the machine functions and the active alarms.


Technical Data RR550.5 RR550.6 RR715.6  
Shear force 550 550 715 tons
Hold-down force 120 120 120 tons
Box material HARDOX 400/450 HARDOX 400/450 HARDOX 400/450  
Box length 5 6 6 mm.
Opened box width 1600 1600 1600 mm.
Cylinders per lid 3 3 3  
Lids force 200 200 200 tons
Main cylinder force 155 155 155 tons
Bale size 880 x 650 880 x 650 800 x 650 mm.
Oil circuit capacity 1500 1500 1500 Lt.
Diesel tank capacity 250 250 250 Lt.
Engine power 225/168 225/168 250/186 HP/KW
Cuts per minute 3.5 3. 5 3. 5  
Min cutting length 150 150 150 mm
Working pressure 280/320 280/320 280/320 bars
Weight (*) 42 44 45 ton