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Hippo 6140 Metal Baler

Hippo 6140 Metal Baler

Technical Data

Machine dimensions 192" L x 64" W x 96.5" H
Loading height 42.5"
Chamber opening 40" x 24"
Bale size 24" x 15.5"
Weight with oil 30,900 lbs 9500 kg
Oil capacity 225 gallons
Power 2 x 30 hp electric motors 3 phase
Standard Electrics 125A-3ph-480v-60Hz
Max compression 146 tons
Max Lid shear force 153 tons
Control Manual or Semi Automatic
Hippo 6140 Metal Baler

Hippo 6140 Metal Baler 

The  Hippo 6140 is designed to act as both a baler and a heavy-duty yard shear. Effectively combining two standard pieces of equipment into one robust unit. Available as a manual and semi-automatic baler.

With a main ram  force of up to 146 tons, the Hippo is powerful enough to make compact bales out of pretty much most metal products.

The Hippo has a big cutting capacity as well, with a shear force of 153 tons and cutting edges on three sides of the loading box it makes short work of over sized materials.

The JMC Hippo has been designed and built to last. The machine features hard wear plates in the bale box, return-line filters to reduce wear and tear on the hydraulic components and a lid fail safe mechanism to prevent accidental damage to the main ram rod. All ram rods are hard-chromed for maximum seal life. The Hippo can be equipped with a loading table and bale track, making loading the Hippo even easier and increasing throughput. We have also just developed a loading hopper that can be filled while the baler is compacting to speed up the loading time.  The Hippo will prove to be a rugged and reliable workhorse for your operation for many years to come.