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Roter Car/Metal Baler

Roter Car/Metal Baler

Box Material                   Hardox 400/450
Box lengths                    197" or 236" 
Opened Box Width         63"
Lids Force                      200 Tons
Main Ram Force            155 Tons
Bale Size                        35" x 26" x Variable
Engine Power                145 Hp
Working Pressure          3920 psi (280 Bar)
Production Capacity:
Scrap Metal                    8-14 Tons per Hour
Vehicle Scrap                 15-20 Tons Per Hour

Car & Metal Baler

The RR series balers for scrap metal are the ideal solution to easily compact all kind of steel and ferrous and not  ferrous metal. They are perfect for the volume reduction of car bodies and light trucks, so  they are the optimal choice for auto wreckers recovery yard and mixed light scrap collectors.

RR series scrap balers  are configurable in fixed, roll on /off,  semi-mobile and 3 axis trailer version, suitable to any yard and needs. They also don’t require foundations.

Thanks  to  3 asymmetric cylinders for any lid, Roter  balers ensure easy closing operation of the box  and  high  speed  material processing. The RR series scrap balers have a production capacity of 8-14 tons per hour for light mixed scrap and 15-20 tons per hour for ELV.

RR series balers, are equipped with a diesel engine (electric motor on demand) and a radio remote control for optimal and comfortable use of the machine from remote position. The supply is completed by the push-button control panel with synoptic for fault finding and light /acoustic  warning.

All parts are easily reachable for quick and easy maintenance operations.