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Roter RR Series Car & Metal Baler

Roter RR Series Car & Metal Baler

The RR series of metal and car balers are the perfect, cost-effective solution to easily bale or log all kinds of ferrous and nonferrous metals. They are perfect for increasing your truck load volumes of vehicle bodies to ship to shredders as well as baling mixed scrap.

RR Series

Car Recycling & Scrap Metal Balers

There are 2 main variations of the Roter RR series car baler, the RR5 with its 197” bale box and the larger RR6 with its 236” bale box, both are available in standard speed versions and the Eco range which is slightly slower but no less powerful and very cost effective.

Roter RR series balers are equipped with a diesel engine as standard (electric motor on request) and a radio remote control for optimal and comfortable use of the machine from remote position. The supply is completed by the push-button control panel with synoptic for fault finding and light and acoustic warning.

RR series balers are configurable to suit your needs with every conceivable option you can customize your baler right down to the color of the paint.

Technical Data RR5 RR5 ECO RR6 RR6 ECO
Box material AR 400/500 AR 400/500 AR 400/500 AR 400/500
Box Length 197” 197” 236” 236”
Open box width 73” 73” 73” 73”
Cylinders per lid 3 3 3 3
Lid force 200 tons 200 tons 200tons 200tons
Main cylinder force 155 tons 155 tons 155 tons 155 tons
Bale size 34.5”x25.5” 34.5”x25.5” 34.5”x25.5” 34.5”x25.5”
Oil Capacity 211 gallons 158 gallons 211 gallons 158 gallons
Diesel tank capacity 24 gallons 24 gallons 24 gallons 24 gallons
Engine power 110-142hp 90-114hp 110-142hp 90-114hp
Working hydraulic pressure 4000psi 4000psi 4000psi 4000psi
Production capacity Metal 8-14tph 7-12tph 8-14tph 7-12tph
Production capacity cars 15-20tph 12-16tph 15-20tph 12-16tph
Weight 21 tons 20 tons 22 tons 21 tons
Roter RR Series Baler Options

Options with the RR Series Balers include:

  • Bale ejection door
  • Hydraulic lifting legs for easy transport
  • Roll on roll off system
  • Crane with cabin and joystick control
  • Grapple with Rotator
  • Cabin for operator
  • Cabin heating
  • Cabin air conditioning
  • Hydraulic preheater
  • Engine preheater
  • Custom color