Cat Guillotine overview and videos

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  • Blade: 400 mm (15.7")
  • Cutting force:44 Ton's
  • Dry cycle: 45 seconds
  • Motor:10hp 3 phase


Designed in conjunction with car de-pollution specialists Vortex, the Cat Guillotine has been designed to offer a safer and more productive method of recovering the potentially valuable dust from catalytic converters. Unlike other systems on the market, catalytic converters can be processed in a completely sealed environment, keeping the operator well away from the cutting blade and any potentially hazardous dust. A 5.5hp dust extraction unit with an airflow of 3000 cfm replaces air in the hood every 2 seconds ensuring a constant supply of clean air and ensuring operator safety. OPERATION The blade stops moving as soon as the CAT is cut in half. The doors are re-opened and the catalytic converter is manually rotated to expose the crimped edges. The sharp cutting edge remains safely between the cutting pads eliminating risk to the operator. Gripper pads atop the blade can now be lowered and raised with push buttons to squash the CAT edges open, further crushing the ceramic filling and allowing it to be emptied from the can. During this part of the operation the blade cannot retract far enough to expose the cutting edge of the blade. When the can is empty the 2 reset buttons must be pressed together in order for the blade to fully retract and allow another CAT to be placed into the unit.