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Edilgrappa Industrial and Demolition Cutters

Edilgrappa Industrial and Demolition Cutters

Vortex De-Pollution is the master distributor for Edilgrappa products in the USA. Edilgrappa has been manufacturing Industrial/Demolition tools for over 45 years!

Edilgrappa Industrial and Demolition Cutters

Holmatro Cat CutterThe F130N cutter is ideal for everyday tasks in the recycling industry. With O style blades that have an opening of over 5”, and a cutting force of 27 tons, the F130N is an ideal catalytic converter cutter. It will also cut cable, light ferrous and other non-ferrous metals. The cutter comes in a variety of options to suit your needs. It is the ideal jaws of life style cutter.

Holmatro Cat CutterThe hydraulic power pack mounts to its own cart for simple mobility. It will include the cutter, hoses, hydraulic power pack, plug and cart. It works on 110v for the F130 or 220v for the larger cutters.

Hose lengths are available 18ft and 30ft to suit your application.

If you don’t want the full electric hydraulic power pack, we have battery powered units available. The battery cutters come in 2 styles. The Upper grip and the Pistol grip. These units run on DeWalt FlexVolt Batteries, you can buy bare tools or we will supply them including (2) 6ah DeWalt FlexVolt batteries and a fast charger.

Holmatro Cat CutterHolmatro Cat Cutter

If you are looking to cut Vehicle frames, I beam, or other ferrous metals, we would recommend looking at the bigger F145, F150, F170 or F180 BO models.


Hydraulic Cutters for Demolition - FN 130 Mechanical and Cordless 18V

F130 T30 - 18V Battery Cutter - Demo