MiTilt Container Tilting Unloader

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MiTilt™ Container Tilting

A-Ward’s innovative Container Unloaders enable immediate and controlled unloading bulk material from shipping containers, which can be inserted either into the tilter directly with a standard trailer or from above with a forklift, crane or reach stacker.

A-Ward’s unique MiTilt™ unloader eliminates the need for scarce and expensive tilting trailers. Whether your material is being unloaded through a grate, over an edge, or directly in the ground, the MiTilt enables faster, cleaner and safer unloading.

How it Works

The MiTilt unloader tilts up to a maximum unloading angle of 70 degree, with a 90 degree option available if required. They work in a similar way as our MiTilt loaders.

Ideal for

  • Unloading a range of materials directly into your storage system, at the speed you want.
  • Contamination-free unloading of sensitive or hazardous materials.
Features & Benefits
  • Significantly speed up the container unloading process.
  • Reduce labor costs by using a single operator with remote control.
  • Eliminate contamination risks by unloading directly into silo.
  • Remove reliance on rare and expensive tilting trailers.
  • Increase operator safety.
  • Unload containers where and when you want.
  • Control unloading speed by adjusting tilt angle.
  • Ability to store container in tilter and unload over a longer period of time.
Case Studies

Nestle has revolutionized their barley supply chain with their A-Ward Container unloading system, not only reducing cost but also dramatically improving their hygienic working environment...

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Sistema Plastics built a brand new state of the art high quality plastics factory in a first world country to compete with third world prices. A-Ward Resin unloading system meant no warehousing set up or costs were required. The system reduced their labor, shipping and handling costs to the bare minimum.

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