Boss 1300 Engine Cracker

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The new Boss 1300 engine cracker has been completely redesigned for use with North American sizes engine and gearbox combinations. To work with the larger crushing box the 210 tons of power come from two 10” hydraulic cylinders working together to break the engines, Inside the crushing box we have added two more breaker bars making 5 in total, this helps the cracking process by providing an uneven surface to break the engines against.

Once the engines are cracked, there is an opening slot that has a hydraulically powered door, this is opened to allow all the material to drop either into collection bins or on to a sorting conveyer. The material is then sorted to separate out large steel parts such as torque converters and gears as well as nonmagnetic items such as hoses and plastic parts, the conveyor is variable speed to make it easier for the picker. The parts then pass under a cross belt magnet to remove smaller ferrous parts, the aluminum carries on the end of the belt to a collection bin.

Oil is collected in a catch pan under the machine and can be pumped out to a storage tank.

We have a return on investment calculator spreadsheet prepared for this machine which puts the break even point at 37 engines per week, if you were doing 250 engines a week, it would pay for itself in 43 weeks.

Call us now to get the calculator and see how we can make you extra profits from your engines and transmissions.


Download the specifications document.