1250 Engine Cracker

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  • Demolish engines at 3-5 tonnes per hour


We have a return on investment calculation available for this machine which puts the break even for it at 15.27 engines per week using metal prices from November 2015. Please ask for an up to date copy.

Engine Cracker

A compact and powerful machine able to demolish engines at 3 - 5 tonnes per hour, the Vortex Engine Cracker has been built tough with its 120 ton crushing force it can demolish an engine in just 2 minutes and reduce it to small particles to enable the aluminum to be easily separated from the steel. We can supply the machine with conveyors for loading and discharge if required, we can also supply magnetic separation should you require it.

The Engine Cracker is also available with a downstream separation unit to remove ferrous metals from the Aluminum, the video below is an example of this, we also have other variations.