Scrappa Container Loader

The Scrappa allows you to fill up every last inch faster, reducing freight, labour and handling costs.

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Maximum Container Protection & Efficient Loading


  • ACCURATE BUILT IN SCALE: Monitor the container weight in real time.
  • LOAD IN MINUTES NOT HOURS: 30 minutes average loading time per container.
  • INCREASED CONTAINER PROTECTION: Avoid expensive container damage.
  • INCREASE PROFITS: Through faster circulation of stock.

    Side, rear and top container wall protection

    Our side, top compression system, and rear brace are designed to support your container during the loading process to ensure maximum container protection and to avoid expensive damage.

    Faster and more competitive

    With a fast loading cycle, the SCRAPPA allows you to turn around high volumes of scrap metal and take advantage of favourable shifts in exchange rates or international pricing.

    Engineered for safety

    We design our machines with the operator in mind. 

    Smaller footprint, greater capacity

    Fill your container using 100% of the internal container volume, moving more materials using less transportation trailers and saving on freight.

    Accurate weighing

    Load your container right up to the maximum allowed weight using the SCRAPPA built in scale, so you only have to load once.

    Buy once, buy the best

    Our machines are built to last. Clever design and engineering combined with the toughest construction means your investment will require minimal servicing and will deliver a high return on investment.