ZDAS CNS 400K Horizontal Scrap Shears

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The ZDAS CNS400K Horizontal scrap shear is designed to container dimensions for easy transport. This is a self-contained machine with the diesel engine hydraulic power pack inside the unit.

The shear force of the CNS 400K is 450 tons (4KN)

  • Mobility of the machine that can be transported on a four-axle truck or three-axle towed trailer equipped with the pull-on hydraulic equipment for containers. 
  • High performance of the shears and low workforce costs – by means of remote control only one person will charge the shears, cut and discharge up to 11 t of scrap per hour 
  • Low energy consumption - 1 quart of diesel per ton of cut-up scrap 
  • Knife guides are equipped with automatic lubrication system with minimum maintenance requirements. Low friction coefficient and perfect guiding of the tool-holding slide increase shearing efficiency
  • All sliding surfaces that have frictional forces are machined with minimum clearances. They are made of abrasion resistant sheets of hardness 400 HB with high service life
  • The shears can work continuously for 10 hours in automatic cutting cycle. After having replenished fuel, it is possible to work for another 10 hours 
  • The shears are completely independent of electrical energy 
  • For operation, the shears do not need any foundation, hard concrete surface is sufficient
  • Diesel engine unit easy starts and runs safely in winter conditions 
  • Horizontal motion of the tool-holding slide also ensures complete removal of cut-up scrap
  • The shears are provided with sensors for monitoring bottom deflection in the course of shears operation The shears are equipped with a tier 5 123hp diesel engine unit complying emission limits
Description of the process
Position of holder and knives before scrap processing Holder in front position, scrap is pressed Knife in front, scrap is cut
Knife in back position Holder in back position, scrap is falling down, cycle continues  

The shear is placed on a hard horizontal surface. It is controlled from a portable remote control located in the loader cabin. The driver loads scrap into the open chamber. By starting the automatic shearing cycle, the following operations take place: holder forward, knife forward, knife backwards, holder backwards. By moving the holder backwards, scrap is moved to the bottom of the open chamber by gravity and new shearing cycle begins.

Along reinforced bottom of the container, scrap is moved by hydraulic cylinders, tool-holding slide against the front wall with V-shaped knives. Scrap is compressed and held before shearing by means of a holder with hydraulic cylinder. Located at the rear part of the shears there are drive box with Diesel engine, tank, pumps, hydraulic distribution and electrical equipment.

The power drive is located at the rear part of the shears between the shear sides and has a door and covers. Two oil coolers are located in the drive room and are used for after-cooling of the oil from the main cooler. The main cooler is located in the back part of hopper above the drive. The Diesel engine drive is equipped with cooler with higher output and on the PTO output is located a hydraulic generator driving a hydraulic motor for the main cooler fan.

The hydraulic motor for the fan and the hydraulic generator are connected with hoses and quick couplings for fast dismantling of the hopper. Located on the rear box wall in a cover is the lockable door of the switchboard. Solenoid-operated mobile valves ensure distribution of hydraulic oil to the cylinders. Electrical controls themselves are located on the panel of the drive box and on the remote control panel.

The remote control ensures transmission of all basic functions in manual and automatic modes
The Diesel engine is equipped with diagnostics and display a of the working condition (number of hours, fuel consumption, revolutions etc.).

Optional Accessories
  • Top hopper
  • Inner hopper single-chamber suitable for the cutting of bar scrap to shorter lengths
  • Inner hopper double-chamber suitable for cutting of bar scrap to shorter lengths for higher output
  • Combination of top and inner hoppers
  • Combination of top and inner hoppers
Top hopper Inner hopper Top and inner hopper
  • Remote equipment monitoring – It is possible to monitor operating data of the equipment remotely using computer or mobile phone connected to the internet. It is possible to display statistics and working values (temperatures, pressure, etc.).