Forrec Granulators - FMS/FML

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Forrec Rotary blade granulators are designed to grind and reduce the scraps of plastic produced during injection molding, extrusion. Blow molding, thermo forming as well as rubber granulation.

The types of steel used in the blades and components make them ideal for treating the most difficult materials. The cutting system is designed to be energy efficient and make a significant reduction in the dust released during the waste treatment process. As with all Forrec machines ease of maintenance is always at the forefront of the design.

There are 2 ranges and 6 options of Forrec Rotary blade granulators listed below:

  • FML 60-45 Rotor dimensions 20” x 24” power up to 50hp
  • FML 90-45 Rotor dimensions 20” x 35” power up to 60hp
  • FML 120-45 Rotor dimensions 35” x 47” power up to 60hp
  • FMS 100-70 Rotor dimensions 27” x 39” power up to 120hp
  • FMS150-70 Rotor dimensions 27” x 59” power up to 147hp
  • FMS200-70 Rotor dimensions 27” x 79” power up to 268hp