Forrec Refiners XRF

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The mechanical and structural characteristics are based on those of the XK range, with technical design features that guarantee a processing capacity of up to 20 ton/h of pre-sorted urban or industrial waste and an output product measuring < 1.1/8”.

The larger diameter rotor has a bigger grinding surface and therefore greater processing capacity. The design guarantees easier accessibility benefiting in a reduction in maintenance times, also assisted by a simplified grid mounting system. Important structural features provide an airtight seal around the rotor and eliminate blockages caused by escaping material. The compact design allows this grinder to be installed in even the tightest working areas.
Power from 350hp to 536hp

These high-level single shaft shredders from Forrec are designed for large productivity levels and high throughput, especially with the processing of plastic materials, wood, rubber, paper, cardboard and bulky industrial waste.

They are enhanced in every way from the heavy-duty frames through to overall performance, the single shaft shredders combine traditional cutting systems with the latest technology, based on interchangeable plates equipped with a shock absorber bearing that protects from possible breakdowns. They have been designed to ensure maximum durability and reliability during operation with considerable production increases and minimal downtime due to ease of maintenance.