Forrec Rotary Shearing Machine

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The FX series from Forrec are rotary shearing machines, With 4 hydraulic drives, two per shaft they are very powerful machines suitable for shredding and size reducing very resistant material such as car bodies or large tires.

They are designed to achieve high torque and operate at low RPMs making them very efficient machines to run. The shredder blades are made from a specially hardened and long life steel giving long lifecycles and reducing maintenance. The blades are a patented unique system of interlocking but interchangeable cutting sections designed for easy changing for reduced maintenance times, yet producing a high standard of shearing.

The FX range has 3 models:

  • FX5000 with 4 x 120hp drives and a 59” x 79” cutting chamber
  • FX8000 with 4 x 147hp drives and a 73” x 98” cutting chamber
  • FX8000S with 4 x 270hp drives and a 73” x 98” cutting chamber

These machines are ideal as primary shredders on aluminum processing lines for which we can provide a turn key plant.

Call us to discuss your requirements and we can specify everything from a single shredder to the complete line.