Mobile Transfer Filter Pump System

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Mobile Fuel Filter Pump System

The fuel filter system has many uses, it is used to clean fuel for use in personal vehicles. It can be used to empty the contents of a fuel tank on a hire fleet vehicle or prior to vehicles going through auctions. It can also be fixed on to storage tanks to constantly filter the contents ensuring a clean supply of fuel whenever it is needed.

The unit is a two stage filter system with a 1/2" or 1" air or electric pump in between. The pre filter strains any larger contaminates out of the fuel and is rated at 250 microns, the second filter is capable of cleaning down to 5 microns but for speed we recommend a 10 micron filter and water extraction drainer to be sufficient.

The unit will pump at between 2 and 6 gallons per minute depending on the condition of the filter media.