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Special offer price $75,000

Maximize your profits with the Vortex Guillotine Shear 

The Cat Guillotine is designed to cut and open up to 60 converters per hour with operator safety as its main concern, the operator will be protected behind a easy to move safety door that will lock the machine out if opened while the blade is moving down, once the can is cut the door can be opened with the blade safely hidden inside the machine, the cans are then opened with the opening press at the top of the blade holder and the contents emptied directly in to the bulk bag below. The opening cabinet will be constantly under vacuum from the powerful dust collection system, this will ensure that none of the valuable dust is lost during de-canning and you can ensure that the dust is added back in to your load, this in itself adds significant value, you are also able to keep the cans to sell and you only pay for shipping the material, not the cans.

Vortex High Volume Cat Guillotine

The Vortex High Volume Cat Guillotine has two guillotines, both can be used simultaneously to cut standard cats but one can also be used for cutting large truck cats up to 14" diameter. Once cut the cats are pushed down a chute to the opening area where four opening stations are located. Once open the valuable PGM bearing material is emptied out in to the collection bag below. Any light dust is sucked up by the powerful dust collection unit which runs through the whole system. If required the dust collection system can be fitted with a HEPA filter to stop any dust returning to the atmosphere.  

These systems are custom designed to suit customers individual needs, please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to create the perfect system for you.