MG 380 VZT Cable Granulator

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The MG 380 VZT is the mid level of the VZT MG Granulator range. It is a totaly complete solution for copper and aluminum recovery from electric cables and other materials such as copper aluminum radiators, circuit boards and waste electrical and electronic equipment. The patented technology of the vibrating air separation table after grinding and pulverizing through the blade mill, the turbo and the zig zag separator produces 99.9% recovery of copper.

Thanks to the innovative zig zag turbo system the 380VZT is able to automatically separate the thick rigid copper from the household and fine wire through two different slides.

This 380VZT can also be supplied with pre shredder and magnetic infeed conveyor and accessories as well as out feed and bagging conveyors.

Power: 126hp 3ph 60Hz
Production: up to 2200lbs per hour