Vulture vehicle processor and engine puller

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  • Fast removal of engines, wire harness, aluminum parts and HMS 1 & 2


The Vulture is an exciting development for maximizing your return from scrap vehicles. With over 12 years' experience in this field and with many thousands of vehicles processed the Vulture team have perfected this grab design and improved every step of the way to give you greater productivity, with the fast removal of engines, wire harness, aluminum parts and HMS 1 & 2. The wire harness stripper which attaches to the hold down leg, easily helps you clean of the fuse boxes and other items that devalue your harness wire. 
Experienced users who are changing to the Vulture have commented on the ease of use and precision of the two ram pincers, saying, it is just like pliers on the component you want to remove. The grab is built to be very tough, utilizing many components from the brutal crushing industry. Yet developed to be strong reliable and precise for the hard used in the vehicle salvage and scrap industries. The unit has an over specification rotator unit making it incredibly strong and quick in operation, essential for fast continuous use in this industry.
One of the unique features of this system is the ability to buy the unit as a kit which can be fitted in a matter of hours.  The Vulture 25 Kit comprises of the special grab and a set of hold down legs which are fitted to the blade of the machine.