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Vortex Depollution
  • Built to the same high specifications as our standard Combi System
  • Includes Steel Base and loader slots for mobile use
  • Extracts Fuel, Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant
  • Holds Over 20 Thousand Pounds
  • Optional fluid extraction hoses
Vortex Depollution
  • Designed to fit with any lift, scissor, single or two post.
  • The cabinet is a stand alone unit which is strong enough to mount our high specification oil arm to.
  • Operating switches are mounted where the operator needs them
  • Option for mounting two air reels on the top for easy use of air tools.
Vortex Depollution
  • The worlds fastest and most efficient under vehicle draining system!
  • Four Pneumatic Pump Setup
  • Extracts Fuel, Oil & Coolant
  • Holds Over 20 Thousand Pounds
  • Tilts the Vehicle for Maximum Fluid Recovery